Kahului Airport Maui

Hawaii Airport - Hawaiian Island Airports

Hawaii has a number of commercial passenger airports. Enjoy visiting the Islands by air.

Big Island - Island of Hawaii KOA Airport and ITO Airport. Big Islands car rentals.

Lanai - LNY Lanai Airport.

The State of Hawaii is about twenty five hundred miles for the United States mainland. We are the only State made up of Islands. So when you think of Hawaii, think of tropical Islands. Traveling to Hawaii and traveling Inter-island is mostly by air. There is a ferry between Maui and Lanai. Otherwise you are going to fly or take a cruise ship to visit the Islands.

Each Island has a primary airport. Be sure you are landing at the correct airport. For example Maui's primary airport is Kahului OGG. It is located in Central Maui. The Kapalua Airport JHM is really an inter-island airport. There are no direct flights from the mainland US to JHM.

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